digiCOOP Agents

Reap the benefits of being a digiCOOP agent and earn extra income in your free time.

Earn as much as 50,000

Sign up as an Agent!

If you are interested to be a digiCOOP agent, just sign up and you might be one of the few who gets to receive handheld POS for free!

We are changing the landscape of ordinary cooperative members to
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Commission on Marketplace

Earn together with the platform! By simply being a digiCOOP agent, you get to earn a commission from the total sales of the marketplace.

Commission on Products

Earn the largest chunk of your commission-based income from your individual product sales.

Commission on Services

Find and sell services you believe in and earn a commission from your sales.

POS Features

Handheld POS device helps you facilitate coop member’s loans, fund transfers and savings account.


Facilitate member fund transfers anytime, anywhere by using the handheld POS device.

Pay Bills

Skip the lines! Paying bills has now become easier. Facilitate Pay Bills and get rebates.


Members may redeem discount and promotion vouchers issued by their cooperative or other partner merchants.


Top Up your Load! digiCOOP becomes the nearest phone network loading station for members.


Display all partner cooperatives in digiCOOP


Cooperative members may inquire of their savings balance using their PIN code.


Coop members may deposit money to their savings account or top-up their digiCOOP circle card by scanning their QR codes.


Make it possible for members to withdraw from their funds anywhere by simply scanning their respective digiCOOP QR codes.


Facilitate loan applications for members through the mobile POS. Members may view the loan amortization before submitting their application.

Coop Transport

View available balance for CoopTransport use.

Coop Rewards

Convert reward points to cash or discounts and promotions for members by scanning their QR code.

Membership fee

Receive outstanding membership fee payments from members.

Member Cash-In

Cash-In a member’s wallet through the POS.

Coop Mart

Sell a wide range of products coming from different cooperatives that is onboard the digiCOOP platform.